Friday, September 5, 2014

20 something.

  1. 23 years old this year, and still trying.
  2. I have 5 sisters, 2 brothers, 2 nephews, and 1 niece on her way, inshaAllah.
  3. I'm a left hander.
  4. I cant tolerate cats. (read:scared)
  5. I love handwritten letters.
  6. I have a thing for man/guys who wear smart formal attires. Say, white shirt, perfectly folded rolled up sleeves, skinny neck ties, and black, well ironed pants. 
  7. I collect cheap lip balms and nice smelling, pretty packaging hand lotions.
  8. To date, I have 114 collections of tudungs. Its a disease I cannot cure.
  9. My favourite Maggi is Maggi Tomyam, I eat em' with kicap.
  10. My ultimate travelling destination is Santorini, Greece.
  11. I dont own a driving license.
  12. I took Bahasa Arab for my PMR.  
  13. I can spend hours watching song cover videos on youtube.
  14. My first unrequited love is Adam AF2.
  15. My future daughter's name is Dian.
  16. I'm always fascinated seeing couples on a long distance relationship.
  17. I plan to take up Law long time ago before deciding Dentistry, but my parents doesn't approve.
  18. I like pillow talks and late night conversations.
  19. I like all things flowery.
  20. I fall in love, once.

Friday, August 29, 2014


As I grew older, I realized, I am a fan of poetry. The sadder, the sappier, the better.

Last week, I bought this one poetry book online. I waited days for it to arrive and I'm really glad it kept me company at night. It was that good that I slept really late and screw my end posting viva the next day.

Something's off with my feelings and emotions these days.

Being a girl, sucks sometimes.

Monday, August 18, 2014

The Final Year.


Hujan non-stop since sampai India dua minggu lepas. Hari hari sejuk. Bangun pagi jadi susah. Mood jadi moody. Nak study rasa malas, sebab rasa asyik nak tidur, asyik nak melayan perasaan.


Tahun ni, which is August 2014 - July 2015, dah kira, akan ada 8 kali exams besar. 6 kali sessionals and 2 kali finals. Sebab ada 8 subjects nak kene pass tahun ni, tak macam tahun tahun lepas which is 3 or 4 subjects. Itu pun tak termasuk end posting exams.


Cuti yang selalunya bulan December, dah jadi bulan January, cuti akhir tahun yang selalu 3 minggu dah jadi 2 minggu. Dah takde cuti dah, kecuali public holidays India. Its fine though.

Daily routines.

Normal daily routines. Pergi sekolah, pergi postings, balik sekolah, masak, study, tidur. In real need to set my priorities straight and cut out bit by bit my social network ties.


All in one. Malas, semangat, nervous and takut. Malas sebab cuaca. Semangat sebab tak sabar nak habis kan semua ni. Tapi sebenarnya, mainly nervous and takut. Takut sebab banyak sangat to go through and study. Takut I cannot do this.  Takut I breakdown malam malam and got nowhere to turn to. Takut I let people down. Takut, sangat.

I sound like a depressed sad tired person, I know. But, fret not, I'm the same old cheery gleeful happy noob Najwa you all know, dont worry.

Just takut sikit. I tau I tak boleh handle stress well, and I takut I just slip this away. Lagi lagi bila rasa homesick or emotional and teringat benda benda yang dah tak patut ingat and overthink , it doesn't look good you know.


Yelah, better stop, before I go KLMJ and all.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

All Too Well.

For the girl who knows me too well. I'm sorry I cant be there to see you wearing your graduation robe and cap. But, I want you to know that I am very very proud of you bestie. *wipe tears*

Congratulations Spongebob!


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

It Could Be About Us.

I rummage through Ain's blog and I want to quote this.

"Berkawan biar seribu"
come I tambah,
"Berkasih biar satu"

hahaha I swear she's laughing golek golek ayam golek at me right now for being so jiwang, and she would tweet 'oooh kemain bajwaaa sekarang'

*rolled eyes*

but true what ?


well, excuse me for being a bit jiwang, but you have to excuse my surroundings too. No, not my family, but my 20 something girlfriends. I swear they are getting cheesier by day. Even my housemates. Talking about my housemates, rindu pulak kak nad and leen.

The other day, I buka puasa with my Tangga 2 gang and we were non stop talking about this and that. Oh and Alhamdulillah, my ex ktt housemate, Laila, is getting married by this end of August and I'm so happy for her cause she's finally found the one. So glad for her. She seems very relax but happy though. Just bummed I cant attend the wedding but my prayers and all my best wishes are always be with her, inshaAllah.

While we're in the midst of having dinner and yes, talking non-stop, Aishah asked Laila something.

Aishah : So Laila, after kahwin nak buat apa? kerja ke jadi suri rumah?
and out of nowhere Mizah interrupted
Mizah : Dia jadi suri di hati suami dia lah.

I looked at Mizah raising my eyebrows and gave her 'OMG, you did not just say that!' look.

hahaha we had a really good laugh after that.  Haih so jiwang man.

I know I know, I also post some jiwang tweets every now and then but I never really say it out loud in public haha well ok nevermind,

and there's one time in class with Nadiah and Leen, we saw some couple tempe are back together and I asked my housemates.

Me: eh I ingatkan diorang dah tak together anymore?
Leen : kan, Edwin cakap dah tak..
Nad : haah, but mesti lah diorang ada teringat kenangan bersama..

Nad cakap macam tu or something and Leen and I were so shocked to hear the words came out from her mouth we started to laugh and make a joke out of it. Jahat, but cannot help it. haha so jiwang.

Nad : Eleh, korang pun terpikir macam tu jugak sebenarnya kan?

haha ye lah, but we dont really express kan what we thought lol

Kelakar betul.

And its funny how we grown up so fast and all our conversation topics has changed from the things we learn in school to how many years left till we graduate to where are we planning to start working to when are we getting married and stuff.

krik krik krik ...

I will always pray for all my girlfriends happiness and success. They're such beautiful, smart, genuine girls and its just the matter of time for them to find the one too like Laila. They will, I'll pray they will, inshaAllah.

CDJ remember? ha ha ha.

and as for me. I just sit back, relax, go travel, finish dental school, get a job, buy a car, get a license, balas budi my driver friends and and and and jadi bridesmaid slash tukang angkat dulang cantik cantik lolol

   I have so much love for my Tangga 2 girls, so much :)

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I think.

Most night these days, at 2am in the morning, I wonder where will I be in 



Yes, we all contemplate about the future. I for one, honestly, contemplate, a lot. It may doesn't look like it, but I do. 

I hate it a lot when I start overthinking. It kills me.

I really just need to chill, take it slow and go with flow. 
Come on Najwa, you learnt your lesson and you're so much better than this kan?

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Down memory lane.

Macam biasa, tak boleh tidur. So I decided to go down memory lane and read my old blog posts. I'm aware I'm such a sad and emotional person here. So emotional, so melancholy,and so....pensive. Such a dramaqueen, complaints and rants a lot too.

Yeap, you're probably right. This place shouldnt be call najwandherscribbles anymore. Najwaandherrants sounds much more appropriate and relevant huh?

I know(hope) I'll be over all this blogging and having all these social medias things in a few years and start living the quiet private life. I want to, I'll try. Quitting social medias are so difficult. I tried deactivated my twitter once and it actually felt good, you could just run away from the world but sadly, it only lasted for a couple of days my hand are so itchy to activated it back, no self control at all hmphh.

The thing is I'm a such a mengada girl, yea, I know, I admit it. I want to thank each and everyone of you who has been putting up with me all this while. Thank you. Why on earth you're still reading this blog also I dont know but thank you. I appreciate it a lot. 

Princess Najwa.

hahaha no.