October 11, 2014

Quick Travel Story.

I ran from my hectic life in India last week to one of the most beautiful places on earth. Still cant believe it actually.

Honestly, Maldives has never been on my #travelwishlist. I never plan to go there like I planned to go South Africa one day. Yeap, so, when my juniors invited us to join them to go Maldives, I was a little bit skeptic, hmm Maldives tu bukan untuk orang orang pergi honeymoon ke? Why on earth do I wanna go with you guys? Better I go with my 'Pakto' (Jane yang ajar ni, I pun tak tahu maksud sebenar dia apa)

But I did anyways, and I glad I did.

When they said Maldives is one of the heaven on earth, its kinda true and I cant help but wonder how the real Heaven look like. MashaAllah.

Despite all my tragedy october over there, rasa macam sedih pulak ingat balik, sobs.

Thank you for this opportunity, Alhamdulillah. I owe you big time, Allah. And I hope You give all those people around me the same opportunity, or if not, better, inshaAllah.   :)

Selfie sebiji lepas muka dah tanned dan burn dengan jayanya.

Cukuplah quick update untuk sebulan ni. 

 Bulan depan nak exam, quota banyak lagi to fill.
Bye blog, gonna miss you :)

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