April 2, 2015

Ada Apa Dengan Cinta

If you know me well enough, you must know that I am such a big big fan of Ada Apa Dengan Cinta movie. Yeap, that 2002 Indonesian movie, yeap, that's the one. My favourite movie of all time. ALL TIME.

The movie, the storyline, the actors, the soundtrack, the poems, its just so...special to me. They just give me feels, and chills, like no other movie gave me before. Wait, I just told you its just so special to me right? hehehe

okay. and to be honest, I cant actually count how many times I udah nonton AADC. Mmm, what a comfort movie hahaha

And tonight, I received the best news ever aka the best news ever in the whole wide world aka no your best news cant beat this..

drum rolls please......

THEY ARE MAKING A SEQUEL!!!! After 12 freaking years, they decided to make a sequel guys!!
I AM SO HAPPY!! lol but really, I am, I almost cried when I read/saw the news. haha noob betul but ye laa, lama ok I tunggu *insert emoji nangis laju-laju*

lol what laa all this estrogen and progesterones did to me.

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